The Büro für Korrosionsschutztechnik (Office for corrosion protection) Kim Ehlen is your reliable partner for quality assurance in industrial corrosion protection.


The experience I have gathered over the past 10 years in various blasting processes, applications and quality assurance allows me to work practically and without delay.


As a free and independent coating inspector, I monitor and review coating work according to customer specifications and international standards. This includes monitoring projects in the offshore sector and the petrochemical industry, as well as silos, bridges, tanks, cooling towers, sluice systems, various attachments and other steel constructions. These activities extend across the whole of Germany. Work outside of Germany is also possible with prior consultation.


In addition to expert knowledge of corrosion protection standards, my tasks include assessing the feasibility of work to be performed and recognizing potential dangers.


Reviewing drawings and components in accordance with valid standards is, therefore, also part of my repertoire.


I look forward to receiving your non-binding requests via email or telephone which I will process as quickly as possible.













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